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Lighthouse Construction of North Florida also handles large scale residential projects including new construction, additions, and major remodels.


  • Client: Thompson Residence
  • Project Type: Building Renovation

About this Project

The Thompson house was originally built in 1942, all brick, painted yellow, an old shingled roof, and we were tasked with a complete renovation of the house to turn it into a Tuscan look. This fourteen thousand square foot home was renovated, with a pool addition in the back with an ornate cabana.

  • Front entry rebuilt
  • New clay tile roof
  • Stucco brick and natural stone
  • Site makeover of the landscape
  • New Cabana built by pool.

This original structure required a ne roof as well as the addition of towers to match the structure. Physically the building showed years of wear that required renovation if not complete replacement.

One area of pride of this project is the cabana in the back by the pool. As simple as that may sound the level of attention to detail and the woodwork is quite a work of art.

Combined with the modern motif, the home looks and feels rustic like it would belong in the wine valleys of Tuscanny. From the clay tiles on the roof to the columns and natural stone, this project took on a life of its own. It is now a home the Thompson’s can be proud of for many years to come.

Thompson Cabana

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